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How Financial Coaching Works

1. Book a Consultation

 (click the red phone to go     straight to my calendar)


2. Create and Work a Plan Together

3. Build Wealth

Janet posted this to her Twitter account

in January 2021:

Debt Free!

$30,808 in 16 months!




Janet W ~ Hutto, TX

Janet instagram.JPG

***UPDATE *** Fully funded 6 months emergency fund and now paying off house 10/21 !

new KLS red.jpg
color holy spirit (4).jpg




Use this

Compound Interest Calculator

to see how much interest you can earn !


Try this great little 

Savings Withdrawal Calculator

to see how long your investments or retirement will last!

Investment calculator.png
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Ramsey Preferred Coaches are independent financial coaches offering personal finance coaching and education to help empower you to take charge of your money. Ramsey Preferred Coaches are not employees or agents of Ramsey Solutions and their services are not warranted or guaranteed by Ramsey in any way. Ramsey Preferred Coaches complete training through Ramsey Solutions and pay a fee to be part of the coaching program. Ramsey Solutions does not offer tax, legal, accounting or other professional advice of any kind.

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